Essay about The Legal Aspects Of Abortion

Essay about The Legal Aspects Of Abortion

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In the four decades since the Roe v. Wade case, women across the United States of America have come to rely on the right to have an abortion. Abortion is defined under an array of definitions that has varied over the years, throughout medical and legal facilities and by individuals everywhere. With an increase on legal abortion cases increasing over the years, it is time to take a look into what the legal aspects of abortions includes and what a true definition of abortion consists of under the law.
Under the legal definition, abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy by various methods, including medical surgery, before the fetus is able to sustain independent life (Abortion). With abortion comes many ethical issues about when the beginning of life really occurs and if/when the fetus becomes a human life. Some of the ethical issues related to abortion include autonomy and the rights to personal liberty. Autonomy is the concept of independence, self-determination, or freedom (Bioethics p 423); and personal liberty pertaining to the freedom of an individual to do as they please only limited to the laws around them. With an individual’s freedom to do what they please, also comes animosity from others whom do not agree with their decisions.
To some individual’s, abortion is just a form or family planning, as a resource to reduce family size and as an option for an unplanned pregnancy. The largest abortion debate revolves around when human life truly begins. Does it begin at the moment of conception, when the fetus has a heartbeat, or when the fetus is action birthed, and how many weeks does it take for one to determine if the fetus is viable outside of the womb? One side of this debate revolve...

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...number of states except for in medical situations.
• When medical situations are at hand or when performed illegally, third trimester abortions consist of an induced abortion, and a dilation and extraction (sometimes referred to as a partial birth abortion) (Abortion Procedures).
Abortion in today’s society is a social, medical, and religious issue that is deeply-rooted into the legal laws of every country around the world in one way or another. This issue presents itself as a double-edged sword throughout today’s society, but is the individual’s autonomy to choose what is best for themselves. Laws dealing with the Roe v. Wade case, state legislations and court cases going on today will always be changing. There will always be new court cases, new laws and new arguments regarding abortion and its methods. The era that the world is in, is making history.

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