Legal And Ethical Issues Within The World Fund Research Essay

Legal And Ethical Issues Within The World Fund Research Essay

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Legal and Ethical Issues
Legal and ethical issues create standards by which research is conducted. According to Polit and Beck (2014),”Governments throughout the world fund research and establish rules for adhering to ethical principles” (p. 81). These standards protect research participants from exploitation and harm. The study participants in this study were not subjected to physical harm, discomfort or psychological distress. The appropriate consent procedures were used. According to Norris, Hughes, Hecht, Peragallo & Nickerson (2013),” After-school program staff distributed study packets to girls of Hispanic origin to take home to parents or legal guardians” (p. 28). These packets consisted of, “a letter of support from after-school program administrators, consent forms, and a flyer about parent information nights, which were a chance to meet with principal investigator and Spanish-speaking research assistants (RAs)”( Norris et al., 2013, p. 28).
The appropriate steps were taken to protect the privacy of the participants. According to Norris et al. (2013),”Surveys were administered electronically using a secure socket layer Web interface ( before or after school in a computer lab under adult supervision” (p. 28). In addition, “Participants were seated so they could not view each other’s computer screens” (Norris et al., 2013, p. 28). The research was approved and monitored by a university institutional review board.
Data Collection Method
The data was collect via self-report questionnaires. Participants were administered an electronic survey after game play and two months after the study. The data was not collected via physical measurements, observational, interviews, available data or records...

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...ody of knowledge. As stated by Norris et al. (2013),”If future research supports game efficacy for early adolescent Hispanic girls, it is likely that this type of game will be useful in other ethnic groups, given the success of Keepin’ It REAL in multiethnic samples of youth (Hecht et al., 2006)”(p. 34). The study findings can be applied to practice as a supplemental educational tool. In addition to teaching and counseling about peer resistance skills, DRAMA-RAMA can be a fun and educational way to apply these newly learned skills. The audience for communication of these findings could be adolescents, parents, teachers, counselors, and health care providers. They play a key role in providing guidance and influence on adolescents. Communicating the research findings can be done via conferences and presentations to the health care and educational community.

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