Legal And Ethical Constraints Of The Interactive Media Industry Essay

Legal And Ethical Constraints Of The Interactive Media Industry Essay

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Legal and Ethical Constraints in the Interactive Media Industry
There are many legal and ethical issues that media production industries need to be aware, while creating their media.

Intellectual property rights
Copyright allows the person who created something to own their work. This law prevents third parties to copy, reproduce make a profits from the creator’s work. Copyright Act 1988 protects the ownership of the work from its creator. Copying and publishing somebody’s work without their permission breaks this Legal act. The copyright Act 1988 protects the person’s work by preventing people from copying, publishing copies for a charge or free, reselling, preforming the work in the public, publishing the work on the web. The copyright is protecting from the moment that work is being created. This acts protects the works fro a limited time usually between 25-70 years depending on the type of work that is produced. The creator has ability to decide how the third Parties can use the creator’s work. Copyright also enables the creator to sell the ownership of the work; the creator will need to create a legal document declaring the transfer of the ownership of the work.
The owner of the work will have responsibility to defend their work from being used against the copyright act. There are exceptions, some organization are able to use the work ignoring the copyright law. Organizations that can use the work are libraries and the schools. The copyright work can by also used without the owner’s permission is for research, private study, and criticisms, or helping disabled people.

Design right protects the design of the product for a limited time (10 years from the first Product sold or 15 years after the design was created, d...

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... using personal data in the company need to follow the strict rules that are in the data protection act. Personal data that is stored by Media Company can be stored for as long the company need it for stated purposes. Personal data need to be stored securely way from the third parties and hackers. The security of the data is very important for the media company as the sensitive data may be wanted by others and the system that the data is store may be vulnerable to the hackers. For example Sony Pictures Entertainment has hacked and sensitive personal data published publicly on the internet by the attacker. The information leak included employee data, salaries, passwords and emails. The hack cost the Sony Company millions of dollars. The media industry needs make sure that the information and data is securely on the network to limit the possibility successful hacks.

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