The Legacy Of World War Two Essay

The Legacy Of World War Two Essay

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According to the dictionary hope is thinking and wanting something to happen or be true (“Hope”). During difficult times hope can either be everywhere or completely lost. World War Two was a time in which it was almost impossible to find hope. It seemed as if every person had given up hope for a better life and future. But one person who seemed to bring hope in a hopeless place was Raoul Wallenberg. Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat and businessman in Hungary who saved the lives of countless Jews ("Raoul Wallenberg”). World War Two was filled with despair and tragedy, however that where people like Raoul Wallenberg who brought hope to Hungarian Jews and people today.
World War Two was a time that brought a loss of hope. World War One left Europe unstable which helped lead to World War Two. With the Europe being economically and politically unstable it allowed Adolf Hitler to rise into power. To gain world power Hitler restored the military and signed treaties with Japan and Italy. Then he invaded Poland which was another cause of World War Two. This invasion resulted in Great Britain and France declare war on Germany, starting World War Two. This war lasted for six years and was filled with death, destruction of land and property, terror, and despair. Around 45 to 60 million people were killed including 6 million jews in the Holocaust ( Staff). People 's lives during World War Two changes dramatically. Hope was almost impossible to find during World War Two, until people began to bring hope like Raoul Wallenberg.
Raoul Wallenberg’s life experiences influenced his actions, ideas, and beliefs. On August 4, 1912, Wallenberg was born into the most famous and largest family in Sweden. The Wallenberg family cons...

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... he became an international notoriety. Wallenberg transformed the lives of many. There has been various organizations trying to discover his death. Statues and monuments were created throughout the world. To this day people continue to recognize the hope Raoul Wallenberg brings. In 1981 the United States presented a honorary citizenship to to Wallenberg, which has only been done once before to Winston Churchill. In 1986, Israel joined in and made Wallenberg the first non-jew to receive this accomplishment. In addition, there was a miniseries about his life called Wallenberg. Lastly and the most recent thing to happen, Barack Obama honored Wallenberg with the Congressional Gold Medal in 2012 ( Editors). World War Two was filled with despair and tragedy, however that where people like Raoul Wallenberg who brought hope to Hungarian Jews and people today.

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