The Legacy Of The Roman Empire Essay

The Legacy Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Tactius was one of the earliest historians to record records that have been preserve still today. While there isn’t a lot of information given we do know that his father served as a high official in the Rhineland, Introduction xix, when Tactius was a young boy. Also, in Tactius’ own writing he mentioned that he was married to the daughter of Agricola Introduction xix. Tactius served as praetor and was a member of the “Fifteen Men to deal with sacred matters” Introduction xx. There are some other records as well that indicate Tactius was the procounsul for the Mylasa in the province of Asia. He was very involved in the matters of the Roman Empire, as well as taking the time to write down the details of history.
At the time that Tactius was writing Agricola, which was in honor of Agricola’s life, there was a certain power that Rome held over its citizens. Roman people, even military men, were not allowed to criticize or go against the government. So, by defending the choices that Agricola made in the book, Tacitus is daring to go beyond the strains of government. When Agricola was a governor of Britain, the providence had already been well explored and established by previous governors, including Julius Caesar. However, there were still some uprisings, which Agricola had to take care of. Tactius also wrote about Germany, he became interested in Germany because on January 1, 69 AD Rhine legions did not swear allegiance to Galba, which caused Rome to fear their rule were not as powerful as they had thought. (Introduction xxviii) Germany was more of an unknown territory, than Britain was, to Rome.
With Tactius’ writings on Agricola, we are treated to an insightful look into how the Roman military and government operated at the time. Ta...

... middle of paper ...

...eople 2,000 years later have continued to read and gleam useful information from his writings.
There are very few surviving pieces of historical records from the days when Tactius was alive. These works are important because they show us how life was back in that time period. Also, we are able to see the perspective from a Roman standpoint. The Roman Empire stretched across a large amount of the known world at the time. Being able to read the tactics used to conquer several portions of the empire, enables us to understand how the Romans could have conquered the other parts. The amount of time that has passed with these works surviving is also impressive. Many records from that time have been destroyed and so it is priceless to be able to read these works today. Overall, Agricola and Germany allows us to see how civilization has changed over time and people have not.

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