Essay on The Legacy Of The Roaring Twenties

Essay on The Legacy Of The Roaring Twenties

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The Roaring Twenties are remembered to be such a unique decade in American History. A time of celebration, and fun after a horrible event – World War I. Normally, when a country goes into war the government and citizens fall into doing everything possible in order to help improve the economy and get out of war debt. It is the worst time in history for the economy and the process to be stable is really difficult. But, this was not the case for the 1920’s; the stereotypes did not apply this time. Yes, many things were done to recover, but it was easier than ever. People were never really worried about the sources of money. Instead, parties, drinks, jazz music, and fun were a big issue to the society of consumers. Although this era had a lot of advantages and benefits, as every other era, it had its disadvantages. There were also times of worry and stress; however, the good things brought by this decade were always greater.
Known for its enjoyment of life, music, jazz, and prosperity, the twenties were a great time not only when it came to fun and joy, but also in the economic perspective. It was a time of many jobs and employments, inventions, technology improvements, and where the consumer economy was mostly seen. Besides being remembered for the famous flappers, this time made a huge impact in history due to making America the richest country in the whole wide world. It is unbelievable that a few years later from being in World War I, this was even possible. The stock market and economy was on its finest point. Many of us wonder how this was attainable. What was created to be in such economic stability after a terrible time event? I must think that this is all achievable due to the many inventions. But, after all, what was the ke...

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....” But after the war, and after the many inventions and mass production, the induction of many impacts into American farms came along with it. As the introduction of machinery increased productivity and processed farm lands with less amount of time, the demand for manual laborers was decreasing making it bad for the rural areas economy. Also, the demand for food was steady and the food prices and profits dropped. It was difficult for a small farmer to continue with its farm because the machinery needed, like tractors, was costly, and since there was not really good revenue from it, they did not have the capital to afford the machinery. It is said that, “the Great Depression for rural areas began not in 1929, but in the 1920.” This depression for farmlands continued for an entire generation. It was the contrast of the roaring in America’s cities during the 1920’s.

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