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The Legacy Of The Reign Of Justinian Essays

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The Late Antiquity period was one of the most complex periods in ancient world history. There were many factions that influenced events throughout the Mediterranean world during this era. One of the most influential factions in this complex history was the Byzantine Empire that resided in the eastern half of the Mediterranean. This state commanded events not only around areas in Eastern Europe such as Egypt, the Middle East, and Asian Minor but also around areas in Western Europe such as Italy, Spain, and North Africa. However, when one reads about Byzantine history, one needs to examine the legacy of the reign of Emperor Justinian I because its impact affected the course of the state for the rest of its existence. Although the reign of Justinian I was marked by immense expansion both in the power of the ruling elite and of the state as a whole, his reign is blemished by controversial political, military, and economic decisions. He and his wife Theodora are not looked well upon in later Byzantine history because they are shown to be individuals who only followed their own agenda and ruled as dictators; as a result, even though they were successful in achieving their agenda, these decisions led to instability and disunity in the Mediterranean world and led to significant problems after their deaths.
The reign of Justinian I was marked by it having influence in society and developing the power of the ruling elite; however, it was blemished by controversial decisions that affected the economy of the empire. For example, during the reign of Justinian I, he decided to enact social policies that were designed to renew the cities throughout the empire. The policies consisted of upgrading existing structures in major cities. This can be o...

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...ful in achieving their agenda, these decisions led to instability and disunity in the Mediterranean world and led to major problems after their deaths. The reign of Justinian I was one of the most influential periods in Byzantine history. His decisions helped shape the outcome of many events throughout the Mediterranean world. As a result of his policies, the Byzantine Empire reached its greatest extent, society was transformed, and the office of emperor developed into the most powerful in the Mediterranean world. However, his decisions led to the decline of the empire in later history as a result of him overextending the empire, draining its resources, and antagonizing many strong enemies. In the end, only by further studying Justinian’s reign can one truly understand how the Byzantine Empire came to its peak in power and how it led to its decline following its end.

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