The Legacy Of The Reconstruction Era Essay

The Legacy Of The Reconstruction Era Essay

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The Reconstruction Era from eighteen sixty-five to eighteen seventy-seven was a very crucial time for blacks in the south. After the Civil War, slaves thought they were freed to live their lives like the whites. President Lincoln and Johnson took baby steps during the reconstruction process. The fourteenth amendment was a very important time for black’s future in America. For Blacks, this meant that their freedom could come quick or very slow in America at this time.
After the war, slaves were given forty acres and a mule according to the William T. Sherman. Blacks were given a chance of freedom and given a second chance for new life. They built their churches and schools. They looked for families to reunite with after the war. Their homes they built let the wives stay at home and the husband go out to work. President Lincoln and Johnson’s vision for the former slaves was not in a favor of them. Lincoln wanted to end slavery, but he wanted to end the war more. He wanted life basically to go back to usually for all of them except the slaves that held no kind of weight in any ...

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