The Legacy Of The Jim Crow Era Essay example

The Legacy Of The Jim Crow Era Essay example

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Throughout the 1800’s and 1900’s in the southern region of the United States, all African Americans were treated like they didn’t belong here in this country. Almost all white males that were wealthy owned a plethora of African Americans as their personal slaves. They would work days upon days for their respective owners. Whether it was picking cotton or doing whatever their owner asked of them, they were pretty much treated like they were anything but a human being. They were treated poorly and their living conditions can probably be considered as inhumane. The quality of life for the two races in our beloved country had a huge difference. This era was more commonly known as the Jim Crow era. “Jim Crow describes the segregationist social system that emerged in the American South following Reconstruction” (Dunn, 2013, pp. 7). This was the name given to the laws that were created in the south that would segregate the two races from each other. Dunn went into a little bit of detail in regards to the social consequences of the Jim Crow laws in the south:
For blacks across Florida and the rest of the South, the social consequences of Jim Crow were daily humiliation and the potential for them to become victims of the white rage. This legalized system of social discrimination required blacks to assume the role of second-class citizens, showing complete deference to whites in all areas of life, but especially so in terms of coming into physical contact with whites. As a result, blacks were intentionally socially segregated in many ways that limited their physical contact with white people. (17-18).

The laws caused segregation in all places that you could possibly imagine. Everywhere you turned, everything was segregated. The schools, th...

... middle of paper ...

...ever, both sets of laws made the lives of those affected by it a living hell. The African Americans in the United States had to use separate bathrooms. They would have to sit in the rear of the bus, or even surrender their seat to a white person if there were no seats available. They were made to go to a specific school rather than going to the nearest local public school, which was an all white school. They had to use different medical facilities that were far less superior to those that the white people got to use in America. The Jews in Europe were made to surrender their citizenship. They were forbidden from having any relationships or a marriage with those of the Aryan race. The Nazis boycotted all Jewish owned stores, which forced many of them to close their stores and go out of business. Both sets of laws caused a lot of violence in their respective countries.

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