The Legacy Of The Founding Fathers Essays

The Legacy Of The Founding Fathers Essays

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The Founding Fathers provided themselves for posterity to be ridiculed or copied as leaders. They created a new style of leadership that Joseph J. Ellis highlighted in Founding Brothers. If they failed in their Revolution, their leadership style would have been ridiculed as preposterous. They fought greatly after their unification as friends for the betterment of the United States. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams grew their friendship during the Revolution, but after they fought as lifelong enemies. Each recognized the history being created and coveted to be remembered as a moving force of the age. Adams worried the most of being blotted out of history. In today 's Republican Presidential race, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump 's early friendship broke apart at the beginning of voting. Comparing the leadership styles of two great American leaders from the Revolution to those vying for America 's top leadership role provides reasoning for the proper selection.
Thomas Jefferson lead through his romanticized writing style and soft-spoken speeches. He was considered to be one of the greatest writers during America 's Revolutionary period. His quiet attitude often compelled him to assemble smaller groupings than a convention floor. Jefferson once had a dinner to settle a dispute between James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. The dispute occurred because Madison blocked part of Hamilton 's fiscal plan, “thereby scuttling the whole Hamiltonian scheme for fiscal reform (48).” Jefferson feared a resignation by Hamilton and decided to set up the private dinner. At the dinner, the three established that Madison would allow the plan to pass and Hamilton backed the placement of the nation 's capital on the Potomac in return. This priva...

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...ilar beliefs, but opposing leadership styles. The different styles created friction in their friendly relationship at times. The same proves true for current presidential candidates, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Through their campaigns, the two achieved large followings. Cruz 's thoughtful, mellow speeches outlast Trump 's roaring rants. This just as Jefferson wrote his documents and had no worry of being remembered. Adams felt the need to promote his side of history because after the first shock, and belief of his style ended, people grew weary of the yelling and found he lacked substance. Soft well thought speeches and writings outlast outbursts and loudness. Thomas Jefferson 's leadership acquired the historical peace for him to live in posterity. John Adams 's leadership jeopardized his historical peace of mind and dreaded the lack of his name from history.

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