The Legacy Of The Confederate South Essay

The Legacy Of The Confederate South Essay

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Even decades after affirmative action was introduced by Former President John F. Kennedy affirmative action is still a highly debated topic. The Confederate South has forever etched in the law racial inequality. The Confederate South thought it was okay to believe that their race is better than all others,monochrome its it but this mind set is still set in some people 's minds even after all these years. African Americas and other ethnic minorities groups have been denied the privilege of being successful unlike their white counterparts, which has caused a widespread poverty. Over time affirmative actions has expanded to cover all the discrimination of gender. Universities and colleges also have policies and laws to prevent race and gender based quotas in order to be admitted. Has racism truly ended? The answer to that is no it is actually still alive and thriving now more than ever. Racism in itself is but when # Blacklivesmatter because a worldwide top hashtag there is a more underline serious issue that is occurring. Which means we have a lot to do to end racism. One way is community policing, we must keep each other in check and to address when racism is happening and not turn the other cheek. Social Media is one of the biggest platforms that word can get around, so if we address racism when happening on the Internet it will translate in the real world. Causing a decrease in racism and a better society as a whole.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is an action or policy supporting those who have suffered from discrimination especially in the fields of employment and education. Affirmative Action was originally a federally funded project signed by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 as Executive Order 10925. I...

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...ractitioners agreed that there was a pressing need for innovative practices. Due to elevated crime taking place in the 70s, 80s and early 90s police were forced to find more effective methods to control the crime, During the 1960s the public increasingly relied on the police to do their jobs, but in previous decades the police relied solely on administrators new strategies and the implementation of new technologies to give increase distance between police personnel and the people in which it served.

Now the community believes that more advancements in technology including radio dispatching, motor vehicles, and computers has created the drift we now see currently. Additionally, rapid response has altered the connection between the police and the community since police no longer care about the community problems and focus more on making sure they arrived to a crime

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