Essay on The Legacy Of The Army And The Nation

Essay on The Legacy Of The Army And The Nation

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The legacy a leader leaves is critical to the continued excellence and the future of the Army. In creating a legacy an Army leader inspires and motivates his soldiers, peers, and leaders to exceed their potential. In this paper, I hope to convey the lasting legacy one such leader left on me and to demonstrate the qualities he exhibited that inspired me to become a Noncommissioned Officer (NCO). Staff Sergeant (SSG) Daniel Minahan made a significant impact by motivating and inspiring me at a formative time in my career. SSG Minahan was the standard by which I measured myself and other NCOs by. His influence has guided me through my career as I have developed my own leadership legacy. I hope to also leave such a lasting legacy when my service to the Army and the Nation ends.
SSG Minahan was one of those NCOs that could run for days. He always led our platoon in Physical Training (PT) and was constantly sought out to lead the company PT sessions; his presence, intellect, and military bearing were exemplary. He exemplified military and professional bearing, fitness, and confidence which according to ADRP 6-22 is the basics of Army Leader Presence (ADRP 6-22, 2012, c. 4-1). Prior to his arrival, I was a young Specialist and had a rotating door of poor or lackluster NCOs until SSG Minahan arrived from the 10th Mountain Division. When SSG Minahan arrived, I immediately saw the stark contrast in his military presence and devotion to being an exemplary NCO. I started to push myself harder and dedicate myself to being a better soldier and leader for my peers. SSG Minahan commanded respect which made me strive to meet his standard. He made us strive to be better analysts and more physically fit soldiers. With his motivation and...

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... and allows us to be effective leaders. If I am able to instill in my soldiers a dedication to the mission and selfless devotion to the welfare of soldiers. It will equip them with the necessary skills to become the future leaders of the Army and carry forth the proud legacy of the NCO corps.
I can tie the devotion I have to taking care of my soldiers and the accomplishment of the mission to the mentorship and leadership SSG Minahan displayed. It was always clear to us that SSG Minahan was there for us, to mentor and train, motivating and instilling confidence. His legacy has influenced me constantly even after my time as his soldier has passed. I hope to instill this legacy of taking care of soldiers and tactical and accomplishment of the mission in my soldiers so that they too may become leaders of influence and help mentor our next generation of Army leaders.

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