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The Legacy Of Rock And Roll Essay

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While going through our history of rock and roll course, one thing has become apparent, and that is that music brings people together. Sometimes it takes music to get a point across, and our world has endured a lot of social and a cultural change, which is how we music today. Just like our world is evolving, music is the same way. When a baby is born until the day it dies, it has evolved internally and externally and that is the same way I view the history of rock “n” roll. For instance, the great wars and the civil rights movement help influence to history of rock and roll. It gave people a purpose to listen to music and let artist express themselves through their songs. I’m not saying by any means that all the struggles we as a nation have endured are good, but how would the history of rock “n” roll be if none of those catastrophes would of happen? Would some of the greatest artist in the history of rock and roll still be legends? This brings the overall question to mind, how the history of rock and roll reflected and been influenced by major social and culture changes?
I think the best way to start this discussion is to incorporate how music started and where. I think for the start of the evolving piece of the history of rock & roll is the chants of the slaves. Slavery was one of the biggest social changes in American history and I argue if it weren’t for the slaves we would not have a history of rock ‘n’ roll. The reason I say this is because everything requires a beginning, and the slaves were that beginning piece. One thing that we leaned through this course is that the music of the slaves was influenced by the traditional European religions and other styles traditional styles of music. The music the slaves sung told a st...

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...ons such as neighborhood associations and community centers, residents of the area began to fashion there owns cultural values and identities. By the late 1970s, informal neighborhood groups called crews posses began forming as a means of providing identity and support for their members. (This kind of group identity remains deeply rooted in hip-hop culture, and references to crews or posses are frequent in rap recording.)
Cultural and social changes have also had a big influence on the music we listen to. Most of the greatest songs we listen to today have been made off some kind of event and some of those events may reflect a particular song. The last 60 years of music has been very eventful, from wars, sex, drugs, and social equality. And when times get hard, there have always been songs that have given people hope when they need it and songs that reflect reality.

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