The Legacy Of President Bill Clinton Essay

The Legacy Of President Bill Clinton Essay

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There are many things that a President is, intelligent, gentlemanly, calm, collected, and skilled. President Bill Clinton had all of these qualities, even though the media tried to slanderize him. He was extremely diplomatic in both foreign and domestic affairs while still creating a balanced economy and surplus in the budget. But even great men have their drawbacks, marriage infidelities, disastrous trade deals, and terrorist threats that would taint their otherwise fine legacy as President.
Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe, III in Hope, Arkansas, to William J. Blythe Jr., and Virginia D. Cassidy. Blythe was born two months after his father died in an automobile accident, and was raised by his mother and his step-father, Buick salesman Roger Clinton, Sr. Bill’s step-brother, Roger Jr., would be born ten years later, in 1956. The Clinton house was a fairly average American household, but underneath the facade, deep problems lay. Roger Clinton Sr. was an alcoholic, and gambler; often taking his rage out on Bill, brother Roger, and mother Virginia. Virginia would periodically leave Roger Sr. over their twelve year marriage. Even with such flaws, Bill admired the older Clinton, so much so, that he changed his surname from Blythe to Clinton when he was sixteen years old. (Clinton, 23)
Bill Clinton excelled in school. Even though he was a trouble-maker, he was a star student, and displayed a keen interest in music and politics. Clinton was a member of the high school concert band and jazz band, and often competed in local and state competitions, winning many accolades. He even considered a career as a professional musician before politics made an entrance into his life. Clinton’s family was one of the few liberals in...

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...s, and making the nation more efficient overall. (The Clinton Foundation: Climate Change) Another area big on President Clinton’s radar was to increase education spending, since this would mean a smarter and more productive society, and would make America the best in education and its standards. Clinton’s goal was to “ensure that all Americans have the educational opportunities necessary to succeed in today 's global information economy.” He started this plan by raising test scores and holding schools accountable for said results via improved teaching staff and overall better education methods. Clinton also expanded technology in the classroom, and keeping students on a path to success. (The Clinton Presidency: Expanding Educational Opportunity) The President’s plan was a success, even though it meant more standardized tests, which was always popular with teachers.

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