The Legacy of Mother Theresa

The Legacy of Mother Theresa

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“Mother Teresa will be remembered for her compassionate work with the destitute, the outcast and the dying. Those who followed her work say her legacy goes much deeper than establishing one of the world's most extraordinary and extensive charitable networks”. (Ribadeneira 1) The power of Mother Teresa’s comforting touch changed the lives of many. When Mother Teresa was twelve years old, she first thought about becoming a nun. Six years later, Mother Teresa decided she wanted to pursue her dream, so she got in contact with the Sister of Loreto. According to many sources, Mother Teresa was well on her way to becoming a saint, and her value dedicated to the destitute was extraordinary.
Mother Teresa is almost on her way to becoming a saint. On September 6th, 1997, Mother Teresa died, and Pope John Paul II suggested that she was put on the road to sainthood. As of right now, Mother Teresa is not officially a saint yet. She is only at the beatification stage of sainthood. According to Tom Hundley,
For a person to reach the first stage of sainthood, beatification, there must be
one proven posthumous miracle attributed
to the candidate. (1)
“Beatification means that Mother Teresa can officially be referred to with the title blessed, signifying the church's recognition of her holiness. Statues and likenesses of her can be placed in churches” (Lyman 1). Mother Teresa was able to save a woman from India who was a peasant from a stomach tumor. According to the church’s investigation, the woman was cured on the first anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death when she prayed before a photograph of the nun and noticed rays of light coming from the pictures eyes, then the next morning, the tumor was gone (Hundley 1). Unfortunately, more than one miracle needs to be determined factual for Mother Teresa’s canonization to be finished. ”Over the years, she received many awards and honors, including honorary degrees from universities ranging from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome to Harvard. She [Mother Teresa]; was also awarded the Jewel of India” (Pace 3). This is the country’s highest civilian award given.
Mother Teresa’s dedication to the destitute was extraordinary. She started working with the poor and in slums of populated communities in 1948. Her love and compassion to the poor was so special. Mother Teresa came to be honored around the world for the compassionate, effective was she set up and oversaw projects to provide care and comfort to the very poor and the very sick, orphans, lepers and the dying.

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(Pace, 1) She loved working with people who don’t have the advantages of health care or medicines. By 1988, her order was operating 600 mobile health clinics where almost four million people received treatment. (Pace, 1) According to Eric Pace, in certain parts of India, Mother Teresa made sure Priests gave last rights to citizens based on their own religions. Also, she set up orphanages, schools in underprivileged communities, shelter for drug and alcoholics and Pure Heart Homes for the dying and homeless people. (1)
Mother Teresa was an extraordinary woman. She was a selfless human being, and on her way to becoming a saint. According to Derek Stanovsky, Mother Teresa remains one of a few of the highest-profile women of the decade and has become cherished cultural icons of an ideal and idealized vision of the virtuous woman. (1) So many people who were guided by her love and compassion are hopefully successful now. I am so inspired by Mother Teresa. She is such an amazing person, and I hope her legacy of nurturing would have lasted for forever.

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