Essay on The Legacy of Lester Pearson

Essay on The Legacy of Lester Pearson

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Lester B. Pearson has made many accomplishments throughout his life. He was the representative from Canada in the United Nations. He was the prime minister of Canada through 1963-1968. During his time of being Prime Minister, and even before, he has impacted Canada quite strongly. He is a very significant man because of the way he established Canadian Identity culturally, socially and through global relationships. He was the man who introduced ways to change Canada in order to improve lives.

Firstly, he constructing the base of canadian culture. One thing he did was that he set the foundation of bringing bilingualism into being. The Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism was established by Pearson. This commission was one of the most important things that happened in Canada because if led to many changes and other cultural-changing events such as the Official Language Acts. This was significant to Canadian Identity because it created new Canadian culture. Due to the fact that Canada is not an old country, it does not have much background on history and culture. This commission created a starting place to commence Canada’s culture. He also introduced multiculturalism to Canada. He did that by creating the race free immigration points system. Because of the points system, more immigrants from around the world were able to live in Canada which creates more culture for Canada since it’s combining multiple cultures together; hence how he made Canada multicultural.This is also significant because of the fact that he’s giving Canada a culture which impacts everyone that lives in the country from all the way back then until now. It also impacts Canada’s reputation tremendously since it was one of the first multicultural coun...

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