The Legacy Of Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

The Legacy Of Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

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A picture’s worth a thousand words is a line that everyone has heard at least once in their life. However, when it comes to a picture or in this case specifically, a drawing, they could be worth millions. Leonardo Da Vinci, a well-known legend among our generations and the past. Ideas revolving around military tech, flight, and robots were all sprouted by Leonardo Da Vinci. He is the ‘godfather’ of our modern day technology and there is no one else to thank than this man who lived five-hundred years ago. During his time, Leonardo Da Vinci was a very well-known man due to his unique and strong talents. His ingenuity did nothing but create, invent and design technology. The question at hand still remains, how did he do it? The only solidifying answer would be his designs and drawings. This man created such powerful designs and drawings that would revolutionize the world in the next five-hundred years. He was the top engineer of his time due to his abilities. The most important part of his career as an inventor was being able to design and draw the ideas which he had in mind. His designs and drawings were what lead him to success.
Firstly, Leonardo Da Vinci stood out simply because of how he thought through his designs before following through. This idea of designing is portrayed clearly when you take a closer look at all his military designs. They are designs that would instill fear into the opponent causing them to flee rather than fight. His weapons were able to psychologically damage their enemies by physically damaging them to a different degree. Enemies wouldn’t know how to approach them. Not every nation had a Leonardo Da Vinci in their arms ready to invent a destructive weapon. For example, when Leonardo Da Vinci created ...

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...lve previously existing ideas.
In conclusion, Leonardo Da Vinci is and always will be a legendary man. He started his own little technological revolution five-hundred years ago. Aside from his extremely famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and the Vitruvian Man. People need to realize the impact he has had on our modern day tech. He invented his own ‘Da Vinci tech’ which we have and still refer to in order to elaborate current designs and create newer ones. To this day, Leonardo is still recognized as one of the most talented people in this world for his designs were unique and incomparable. He’s created designs for war, for flight, for robotics, and for art. All that were passed along to the future generations. It really is a shame that Da Vinci can’t see what his work has done to shape the last five-hundred years. May his soul rest in peace.

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