The Legacy Of Jefferson And Hamilton Essay

The Legacy Of Jefferson And Hamilton Essay

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Jefferson and Hamilton both articulated admirable visions of America’s future, and both believed to be carrying out the legacy of the revolution. Hamilton favored a strong central government, a balanced market oriented economy and a national bank. Jefferson, on the other hand, desired to create strong state governments, have agriculture as the backbone of America and little government involvement within the economy. Despite the merits of each vision, implementation of only one of the plans would have led to either a very different or shortened American history. As such, it was necessary for the plans, to “blend” in an unconventional way. With both politicians insisting their plans were in the best interest of the country, an outright compromise between the two plans would be impossible. Instead the gradual implementation and recession of varying aspects of each plan throughout the years led to a uniquely crafted political system which developed America’s political system.
In the initial stages of independence, the United States was still a weak and vulnerable country. Thus, it was necessary to implement plans that not only had the goal of a bright future, but would help the United States survive to that point. Due to the countries weak state, and his influential position atop the United States treasury, Hamilton was able to implement most of his economic policies. The biggest of which were his consolidation of international and domestic debt and creating a national bank. Republics were seen as weak back then, they very rarely succeeded and the U.S. was already in a vulnerable state because of the revolutionary war. Hamilton’s national bank and centralized government was a good idea in this aspect because it not only would create ...

... middle of paper ..., would adopt a platform similar to Hamilton’s Federalists.
Jefferson and Hamilton, both unique intelligent individuals, saw their own way of forming and maintaining a well-functioning government. Hamilton sought to fix the mistakes made by Britain, creating a “new and better” British government, a powerful centralized national government. Jefferson, on the other hand, believed that the U.S. should stand firm to the constitution and let the states maintain the majority of power. Most of Hamilton’s vision won out at first, which was important in initially stabilizing the newly independent country. However, throughout the years, more aspects of Jefferson’s plan took hold and together a blended government was created. While neither plan ever completely overtook one another, their original objectives were still apparent in the political parties during civil war time.

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