Essay on The Legacy Of Information Systems

Essay on The Legacy Of Information Systems

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This assignment will attempt to evaluate legacy information systems by bracketing it around a fictitious organization identified as Legacy Incorporated. Although, many strategies and-or tactics utilized by this company will be utilized for academic purposes; it should be valuable towards explaining why legacy computer systems were, and furthermore, continue to be utilized at many business enterprises by utilization of many academic resources within the research discipline. Certainly, over the past several years; including today, tremendous controversy continues to hover around the Information (IT) security community concerning why legacy computing solutions; software, hardware, and equally important, complete computer architectural systems were constructed to begin with.


Legacy Computer Systems initially began their business venture by selling and servicing mainframe-client computer software and hardware technology during the 1960’s, for many local and national businesses. Then, these mainframe computers required substantial storage that was necessary for components such as arithmetic logic units, random access memory, including, vast amounts of space required for storage utilizing magnetic tape drives for the Read-Write (R-W) processes; prior to the age of computer hard-drives, in addition to, other forms of Read-Write (R-W) digital storage devices.

It is to opinion of this doctoral student that Legacy Computer Systems consists of both software and hardware devices, although, a number of (IT) professionals tend to downplay legacy systems to merely Operating Systems (OS’s) and software applications. In contrast to this opinion, “one peer-reviewed article suggests that legacy systems are no more than sof...

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...ropriate upgrading of hardware.

Legacy computers remain wildly utilized within the modern globalized business frontier. No doubt, legacy computer (IT) solutions became quite popular, especially, during the era of mainframe and client computing. However, security is jeopardized, especially, due to lack of uniformity between the operating system, applications, and modifications, in addition to, poor documentation of implementation, maintenance, and repairs. Additionally, a number of companies have chosen to utilize outsourcing for means of installation, up grading, modification, and installation of additional applications utilizing different technicians each time service-maintenance is required. In contrast, however, legacy systems should not be subject to risks, especially, if being utilized for small (LAN’s), most important, exclusively for intranet.

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