The Legacy Of Human Civilization Essay

The Legacy Of Human Civilization Essay

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Human civilization as we know it today stands on the shoulders of a titans of human thought like Aristotle, that plow the field of our perception of the world around us. Since the beginning of the civilization we have asked ourselves the eternal questions where we are coming from and what is our purpose in this world. This pursuit for meaning has dominated the landscape, where great thinkers of the past had observed the intricacies of our brains to pave the path of human wisdom for the generations to come. As Aristotle himself said: “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”
Education is certainly the most valuable investment that a person can dedicate his/her efforts to. Parents certainly has been trying to enforce such a belief by managing the time spent on this long and tedious journey. However, a human desires for enjoyment feed the entertainment industry growth and these days the entertainment industry financial projections are for $546 billions in sales ( citing PwC E&M Outlook). This growth sets the stage for the conflict, which affects each and every family in 21th century, especially here in America, where resources that can be allocated to a leasure activities are in abundance.
Those historically circumstances predisposed the current discourse for the battle between education and entertainment. Beliefs in the traditional values of common educational practices has been scrutinized as the newcomer was able to win more and more hearts and souls of the public, especially of the new generation. In this battle, Johnson is playing the devil’s advocate by defending that “everything that is bad, is good for you”. It is not hard to strongly disagree with his position, regardless of the fact...

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...e media and entertainment business that is fighting for every inch of commercial space and for every second of our time. It is the most important responsibility of a parent to supervise as much as possible kids exposure to the media and try to steer their interest in the traditional values of the reading and education.
The spirit of the quote from the great Greek philosopher Aristotle is equally relevant to our generation. The information age is the era of over-abundance of information available at our fingertips and as such, present us with wide variety of options for spending our time. It is our responsibility to distinguish between the temptation of easy achievements and rewards the value of education and reading to make the right choice of activities each and every day. If we succeed in that choice, we will leave best possible legacy for the generations to come.

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