The Legacy Of Gaius Caesar Germanicus Essay

The Legacy Of Gaius Caesar Germanicus Essay

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Gaius Caesar Germanicus is the name given to the Roman Emperor who so quickly went from being loved, to being hated by many. Gaius was a man of leadership that unfortunately, due to health issues, caused him to lose all his love from his people. He grew up having role models that taught him how to rule at such a young age. His yearning to lead showed to many allowing him to be put into a high position of leadership so early in life. Many items were changed in his power that brought the people a great deal of joy. Unfortunately, due to falling ill he was changed for the worse. Germanicus was a great Roman Emperor until he was changed from an illness.
Gaius Caesar Germanicus was born on August 31, in the year 12 A.D. in Antium, Italy which is now present day Anzio. He earned the nickname Caligula which means little boot or little sandal. He earned this name somewhere between the age of two and four. When wearing miniature versions of military sandals or caligae the soldiers took notice, hence the nickname. This name stuck with him for the rest of his life. Growing up was easy for him due to being hailed from Rome’s most enduring family, Julio Claudiens. Having Julius Caesar as a great-great-grandfather and a great-grandfather who went by the name Augustus it was hard to not grow up with a good reputation. His father, Germanicus continued this high honor as a beloved leader which Caligula took after.
Caligula was very close to his father starting at the age of three. He would accompany Germanicus on many military campaigns. His father had an exponential growth with his people and many looked up to his, this helped Caligula grow up learning how to lead and put others first. Early in Caligula’s life Augustus was falling ill cau...

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... any evidence of his reign it will forever be known, he remains as one of the most infamous Roman Emperors of all time.
Caligula’s legacy is deemed one of the few fascinating pieces of Roman history. Caligula started out as a young boy that looked up to his great grandparents and father. He had many role models that lead him in the right path. Being put into leadership at such a young age he was thought to be the leader that everyone needed. He proved to be this leader until he fell ill and became ill minded. Although he had many great achievements and benefited the citizens in many ways they could not overlook this when he became crazed. They all got together to figure out how to get rid of him which they all settled with the same idea, death. Caligula had a good begging term to his leadership however, when illness set in he gave his soul away to live another day.

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