The Legacy Of Ford Motor Company Essay

The Legacy Of Ford Motor Company Essay

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It seems like most cars on the road today are Fords.  No matter the shape nor model the iconic blue logo always Seems to stand out.  Ford began in 1890 when its legendary founder Henry Ford built the first ever Quadricycle.  In 1903 Ford Motor company becomes incorporated, and in 1908 Ford introduces the first ever Model T.  Fast forward to present day and Ford is still making innovative additions to their vehicles especially when it comes to technology.  Over the past 126 years Ford Motor Company has been both successful and profitable.  They attribute their success to their work in local communities as well as their ability to Franchise their brand throughout the nation. These aspects and more are what has made Ford such an outstanding and respected Corporation for so long.      
One aspect every company must take seriously is Social Responsibility.  Social Responsibility is defined as “A business’s obligation to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact on society.” (M: Business, 24) Ford like many companies takes social responsibility very seriously; they listen to feedback from many local communities throughout the nation to better understand what the everyday American wants to see in a Ford product.  In a statement on Ford 's website it has a direct message to the consumer “You’re our customer, but, in the global community, you’re also our neighbors. Being a good corporate citizen is an essential part of how we do business. Both globally and locally, we have an ongoing commitment to helping and supporting the communities we operate in, better understanding environmental issues and investing in our people.”  The page goes on to inform the readers how Ford has set up grants with local communities in order t...

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...903 Ford along with his investors knew they had built something special when they turned a profit of $37,000. The highest price Ford stock reached was on August 25th, 1987 at $112.62 a share, however in 2016 Fords stocks in 2016 are staying consistent at around $12 a share.
As stated earlier Ford Motor Company would go on for the next 100 plus years to become one of the worlds most successful and competitive motor companies in the world.  Although like many auto companies that struggled during the 2008 recession, Ford has bounced back quite nicely eight years later.  In 2015 Ford posted their best fiscal year in the history of the company with a Pre-Tax profit of $10.8 billion and a net income of $7.4 billion.  The late Henry Fords vision was to innovate and inspire and to also make a profit in the process, its fair to say that he did all of those and so much more.

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