The Legacy Of Charlemagne, Or Charles The King Of The Franks Essay examples

The Legacy Of Charlemagne, Or Charles The King Of The Franks Essay examples

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Charlemagne, or Charles the Great left a momentous legacy behind as the King of the Franks, emperor of the west and the Father of Europe. The era of Charlemagne established a turning point in Europe as a revival and renewal of the west as a religious, cultural and economic force in the world. Throughout the 8th century, we find the strengthening of economic stability and political civilization, the foundation of the Carolingian Dynasty and the unification of Europe under the Holy Roman Empire. During his reign, Charlemagne pushed Europe to be a unique entity and civilization separate from that of Rome and other empires. Charlemagne is known as one of the greatest figures in medieval Europe and over the course of this essay his greatest achievements and the foundation and groundwork he laid for the further development of Europe shall be explored and investigated.
Charlemagne was born to Pepin the Short and Bertrada in 742. Little about his childhood is known except that, “By the time he was about ten, Charlemagne was being groomed for power and began to play a role in his father 's kingdom” (“Charlemagne”). He was sent on various conquests and campaigns with his father in his early years that prepared him to take over the reign of the kingdom in due time. His fight for power and dominance first began with his younger brother Carolman. In 768, Charlemagne and Carolman became joint kings of the Franks. An inevitable tension began to arise between the brothers that could have potentially ended in civil war if Carolman hadn’t prematurely died in 771, leaving Charlemagne the sole ruler of the Franks.
Charlemagne came from a strong set of ancestors who were essentially a part of both the end of the Merovingian era and the v...

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...lemagne represents a very important era in western Europeans history. He is concretely regarded as one the greatest figures of the Middle Ages. He rightfully included on the list of the Nine Worthies, along with other patriarchs such as Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Abraham, and King Arthur. He lived under the motto of “By the sword and the cross.” He both led via the church and the on the battlefield. And in some cases, converted people with a cross under the pressure of a sword on the battlefield. Nonetheless, he played a huge role in the rejuvenation in the role of the church throughout the empire with the reconstruction of the papacy, the increase in monasteries and the increase in education throughout these venues. Charlemagne unified the Holy Roman Empire under his leadership, creating a powerful and permanent effect on the future life in Europe.

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