Essay about The Legacy Of Benjamin Franklin

Essay about The Legacy Of Benjamin Franklin

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Kristen Bryan
26 September 2014
Benjamin Franklin
Who was Benjamin Franklin? Probably not quite who we think he was. When you think of Benjamin Franklin you probably think about electricity, or maybe even bifocals. Most people even think of money, considering his face is on the one hundred dollar bill. However, perhaps the most magnificent aspect of Benjamin Franklin was that he is one of our “Founding Fathers,” the only one who put his name to all three of the founding documents of the United States: the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, and the Constitution under which we still live. Not only did Franklin live an interesting life, he made many contributions to our political system, which had a significant impact both during his time as well as today.
Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston in 1706. When Ben was ten his father pulled him out of school to help him on his farm. At age twelve, Benjamin was said to be an apprentice at his Brother James’ printing shop. Despite his brother’s hard treatment, Ben took to being a printer as a polar bear takes the winter. Ben’s brother James refused to publish any of his writing so Ben decided that he would take up the pseudonym Mrs. Silence Dogood, and published under his brother’s nose.
When James realized that his brother was the author of the writings he was furious. At that moment, Benjamin decided it was best to flee; his goal was New York but he ended up settling down in Philadelphia, which was his home base for the rest of his life. Shortly after settling into the Philadelphia life, Ben left for London under the auspices of Pennsylvania Governor William Keith. Ben was displeased, however, when his letters of introduction never arrived....

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...noted are the Flexible Urinary Catheter, the Odometer, and the “Long Arm.” When Franklin invented the Odometer he was curious as to how many miles he was traveling be carriage, as postmaster, traveling from Philadelphia to Boston. While the concept of the odometer dates back to ancient times, Franklin did make his own version. The concept was to place it by the wheels of the carriage, it determines the circumference of the wheel and the number of revolutions required to travel a mile, and have the device travel the distance required. The “Long Arm” is simply a wooden pole with a grasping claw at the end, so Benjamin could reach his books more efficiently.
In conclusion, Benjamin Franklin was and still is a “Father Figure” in America. His many contributions to our nation made a profound impact on the country at the time he lived, and they continue to impact us today.

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