Essay on The Legacy Of Amin Maalouf

Essay on The Legacy Of Amin Maalouf

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Amin Maalouf was born on February 25th, 1949 in Beirut, Lebanon. Amin is notable for his journalism, and his work as a novelist. He has also worked as a director of the Beirut newspaper, An-Nahar. Amin started his own family in 1971 where he would marry his wife Andrée, and later have three sons: Ruchdi, Tarek, and Ziad. He had lived his entire youth in his homeland of Lebanon, but when the Lebanese civil war erupted in 1975 he had come to a realization that like his forefathers who had moved to other parts of the world (America, Australia, Cuba) , he too must do the same. So, he left for Paris, and his family would follow suit where they would remain in Paris from 1976. Amin has studied at the French University of Beirut, where he would obtain his master’s degree in sociology, and also studied in Notre Dame Jesuit College. Coming from his roots in the Middle East, Amin has become skeptical of all world religions due to the consequences of religion being misinterpreted and the chaos that would occur after. Even referencing his own experience, and roots Amin would go on to say how he came from two different worlds; growing up as a catholic yet speaking the native language of his Arabian culture he felt there was always a struggle between the two to co-exist. Some of these themes and his thought processes are expressed through his books such as The Crusades through Arab Eyes, Samarkand, Ports of Call, and On Identity. Amin would later go on to win the Prix Goncourt- a prestigious literary award in 1993, for his novel titled The Rock of Tanios.
Some of the major issues that Amin discusses in his In the Name of Identity: Violence and the Need to Belong are; the relationships between our identities, allegiances, and violence, the i...

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...ith regards to the religious aspects of the issues discussed, I believe extremists in any religious group should be held responsible for their actions, and I agree that the doctrine that the person followed with extreme actions shouldn’t be deemed the source of evil. Because, then you’re creating a situation where evil will just sprout more evil when you accuse an entire religious group on the actions of a few. That’s where the violence comes in, creating wars, and other catastrophic events that a take a toll on everyone.
One other title that I would give this book written by Amin Maalouf is “The Individual: Past, Present, and Future.” This title is appropriate to this book to me because when looking at the essence of our being, it does come from our history. That history, then molds our present-day identities, and will generate a basis for our future personalities.

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