The Legacy Of American History Essay

The Legacy Of American History Essay

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American History can its people are extremely important to the health and progression of their nation. So may played a critical part in shaping this nation into what it is today. Even though many would love just to focus on the crisis and bad decisions that some have made. Our country is considered the land of the free, land of opportunity, land of dreams coming true. We can’t let bad choices by a few select cloud who we are and celebrate the great achievements we have made together as a nation. To do so would be to make a mockery out of the lives of those who worked so hard to shape this nation into one of the greatest nations on the earth. Most of these people acted from a place of strong faith and beliefs. They forged on against adversity and hostility because of this hope in God and in freedom.
Thomas Jefferson was such a man. He was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence while asserting rights and freedoms for all Americans. The statue of religious freedom was introduced by Jefferson. This is still having an impact on our society today and has helped solidify Christians’ faith across this country. Jefferson was president the years 1800-1808 and he oversaw the expansion of American territory in the west.
Benjamin Franklin played a key role in encouraging the diverse colonies to gain together in the war of independence. He later served as an American ambassador to France and helped to cement the new US foreign status. Franklin was also a polymath, who amongst other achievements showed lighting could conduct electricity. Franklin was a strong Christian with equally strong beliefs. When famed preacher George Whitfield arrives on the scene in 1739, despite significant differences in their religiou...

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... King was a crucial part of the march on Washington, where he gave the ever so famous “I have a dream” speech.
Afterward, he became known as one of the greatest orators in American history. On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King was associated on his 2nd floor balcony. His associations led to a nation wide wave of race-riots. President Lyndon B Johnson declared a national day of mourning. Even though so many have tried to discredit King for moral deficiencies or even allegations of being a communist, King’s greatest legacy was that he ignited the progression of civil rights in the U.S.
In conclusion, the people who helped shaped this country did it from a place of deep convictions and a love for their country along with a deep sense of responsibility. Their beliefs in God gave them a purpose to be driven by their convictions to make this a free and equal country.

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