The Legacy And Leadership Of Benedict Arnold Essay

The Legacy And Leadership Of Benedict Arnold Essay

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Evaluate the leadership and legacy
of a chosen hero and/or villian

The legacy and leadership of Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) is subjective and based on on perspective, context and audience. Arnold is “one of the most infamous traitors in U.S. history” ( 2009) and is universally remembered as despicable villian in history (Weeks 2011) However the general public have barely acknowledged Arnold’s heroic achievements as an early American hero of the Revolutionary War (1775-83). When looking at Arnold objectively and without bias, both his heroic traits, as well as justifiable reasons for becoming a traitor, can be seen.

Arnold 's contributions to American independence are largely underrepresented in popular culture, while his name became synonymous with traitor in the 19th century. The demonization of Arnold began immediately after his betrayal became public. Biblical themes were often invoked; Benjamin Franklin wrote that "Judas sold only one man, Arnold three millions", and Alexander Scammell described Arnold 's actions as "black as hell".

Point Arnold 's work as a Continental Army general reflects Arnold 's incredible leadership, intelligence and logistical skill (Benson 2015) From 1775 to 1779 Arnold contributed greatly to the American victory, earning him fame and respect from the 18th century American society who saw him as the “the colonists’ greatest war hero” (Charles River Editor 2013)
Example (some that are specific examples and some that are summaries) Charles River Editors argues “that the Revolution may have been lost without his services” with his string of successes being “longer and more crucial than anyone else in the Army, including George Washington.” (Charles River Editor 201...

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...cess of acknowledging Arnold’s extraordinarily important accomplishments for America while always keeping in mind the fact that he is his nation’s most infamous traitor. This has all played an important part in the denigration of Benedict Arnold, and histories non mention of Arnold 's contribution. (Martin 2015).

This neglect of Arnold has continued for two centuries, as exemplified by the fact that children today are taught his name as a synonym for traitor.

Though he would serve as a brigadier-general for the British through the end of the war, his personal fortune and reputation were permanently tarnished. (Charles River Editor 2013) The British regarded him with ambivalence, while his former countrymen despised him. ( 2009)


In Conclusion, he had been the most successful leader of American forces during the war.


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