Legacy and Leadership: Mikhail Gorbachev Essay

Legacy and Leadership: Mikhail Gorbachev Essay

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Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev showed legacy and leadership when he launched a program of political, economical, and social reform for the Soviet Union. He changed and influenced many people lives positively with his reformations, and started a “revolution” that later seemed to get out of his grasp, causing the end of the Soviet Union.
In 1985, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev became the general secretary of the USSR, (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) also known as the Soviet Union. That is when he started his steady rise to power and started his reformations for the Soviet Union to become a better place to live in and so that people will be free. In 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev officially began providing leadership for the country because he was chosen to be the Soviet Union’s president, and ultimately the last one because it was also in his reign that the Soviet Union fell apart(Whitmore). Gorbachev was the youngest person/individual in decades to become the leader of the Soviet Communist party and the one to change the course of the future for the Soviet Union(Mikhail G). Although his time in power was short, he left a long lasting impact and legacy on everyone.
Mikhail Gorbachev is most well known for all of his reformations that he made in the Soviet Union, also known as Glasnost, ( a voice for the public), and Perestroika( a change in the Society of the Soviet Union), and his reign is famous for being the last one of the Soviet Union before it fell apart. (Mikhail S), even though he also created the Green cross, something new that I had figured out and is not as common among the public knowledge. Glasnost and Perestroika were considered the “turning points” of the history of the Soviet Union, not to mention very vital ones beca...

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