Essay about Lee Daniel 's The Butler Chronicles The Life Of A Black Man

Essay about Lee Daniel 's The Butler Chronicles The Life Of A Black Man

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The film Lee Daniel’s The Butler chronicles the life of a black man named Cecil Gaines and his transition from living in poverty in the south as a youth to becoming a Butler at the White House. In the film Cecil recounts his his story. The film states in the 1920s when Cecil was a young boy living with his parents who worked and lived on a plantation in Georgia. One day on the planation, Cecil’s mother is raped by the plantation owner and when his father confronts him, he is shot dead. Not only did Cecil lose his father, but the death of his father and surely the rape deteriorate his mother’s mental state. The owner’s grandmother takes it upon herself to train Cecil to become a house servant. At the age of eighteen, Cecil leaves the plantation in search of a better life. He becomes hungry on night and breaks into a bakery where is hired by one of the shop’s worker 's name Maynard. Maynard teaches and refines Cecil’s skills as a butler and then recommends him for a job at an upscale Washington D.C. hotel. It is there where Cecil meets his wife Gloria and they later have two children--their eldest son Louis and Charlie. In the late 1950s Cecil is recruited to work as a butler at the White House. Cecil starts his career in the White House under the Eisenhower administration. He first hand witnesses Eisenhower’s reluctance to enforce desegregation in southern schools through the use of troops. Cecil’s eldest son becomes a student at a University much to his father’s disdain for the state of the south. There he meets Carol, a young black female who leads him join a civil rights group, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and participates at a nonviolent sit-in held at a local segregated diner. Louis is arrested which in...

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... of the feminist movement. Carol is seen wearing a shirt without a bra, being outspoken, and belching at the table. This leaves Gloria appalled, however, I believe it was portrayal of how far women had come throughout the years from the ideal woman being portrayed as a doubting housewife in the 1950s. When Cecil discussed the fact that blacks have not received raises or promotions after working there for years showed the racial inequality between blacks and whites. It reminded me of “hate-strikes” where workers protested their black college receiving wages and promotions. The film ends with Cecil being at the white house to meet President Barack Obama. I believed this was a great way to end the film seeing that race played a big factor throughout. To me, it seem as if everything that had gone on, all the struggle, had led up to being able to have a black president.

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