Leaving Home Was The Consequence Of Chasing My Dreams Essay

Leaving Home Was The Consequence Of Chasing My Dreams Essay

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Leaving home was the consequence of chasing my dreams. I moved to United States last 3 years ago to pursue a better opportunities and future. I was from Iran and escaped my own country because I am a minority. Since I am a minority, the government limits and restricts of my rights such as obtaining education. My dreams for myself and family were crushed because I can’t go to any university to get my education and pursue my dreams. However, I didn’t give up and everything began from there.

When I escaped, I have nothing, no income or rights. I escaped my country and illegally crossed the bordered to go to Turkey. It was the most painful experienced as my feet were dead from running and the pain of leaving everything in Iran. I was not prepared to face the changes and challenges in Turkey. In Turkey, I became a legal refugee. Even though I have freedom in terms of obtaining education, my life was unstable as an 18 years old. I didn’t get any job to continue to chase my dreams. However, living in Turkey as a refugee helped me a lot in this process of independency. I left my country and came to a new one with different culture without having any clue about their language or culture. My experience in Turkey were scary but yet helped me gain experience about the world I live in. The only thing I remembered is it was very difficult to fit in. I learned Turkish and improved my English in the spare time that I had in Turkey. The stories and events that happened to me while living there might be tragic but they made me the person that I am today. I became a stronger person. I decided to leave Turkey and moved to United States. This country had given me higher education and more freedom. I never felt being minority in this country. I gain...

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...h these strong foundations, I am prepared to work with large group of people and assimilate to motivate the society. I chose HCDE because I want to enhance my skills to communicate and learn to other people such as their culture, and develop solutions such as language barriers into the world of technology.

Therefore, the University of Washington will help me to succeed by gaining more knowledge and finding my own path as an engineer because this university will provide me more resources and opportunities (such as connections to people of same interest, and prepare me for graduate-level courses in HCDE). I believe University of Washington can make me succeed through innovative teaching methods, interdisciplinary approaches, and preparation for real life and career. The University of Washington can assists me to refine my skills in technology and human interaction.

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