The Learning : Traditional Teacher Preparation Versus Residency Programs

The Learning : Traditional Teacher Preparation Versus Residency Programs

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The Pathways to Knowledge: Traditional Teacher Preparation versus Residency Programs
Modern society, as it exists, is filled to the brim with controversial topics: global warming, the impact of violent video games on the minds of adolescents, and even the quickly approaching presidential election, to name a few. However, another “hot topic” that must be addressed is education, more specifically, the differing paths taken by students pursuing education as a profession. As college students graduate, they normally choose a specific area to study in, and one of those areas to study is education. //Students go through a four-year path of education study, student teaching, and a proper licensure procedure, as the traditional path of education study. In contrast, many students who receive degrees in other areas of study and decide to pursue teaching at a later date go through certain programs such as Teach for America to receive licensure. Because of these two differing educational pathways, many voices in higher education and throughout the educational field argue over which of these paths is better for teachers to take. The traditional teacher 's preparation program is more beneficial to aspiring educators than a short residency process because it is focused on building relationships between teachers and students, preparing candidates for a long-term, professional career, and strengthening ties to the state licensing agency.
Relationships are vital in the education field, more specifically, relationships between professors, cooperating teachers, and students. “Advocacy is activity in support of a particular cause or policy. Any engagement can be helpful, but successful advocacy is characterized by long-term relationship-building,” a...

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... not preparation for life; education is life itself,” (Dewey). This quotation comes from Mr. John Dewey, and it perfectly illustrates why a traditional TPP is necessary in the line of education. As one can gather from the above research and writing, a teacher must be able to build and manage relationships, build a long-lasting career, and be steadfast in his or her licensure. As stated, a TPP is much more suited to provide those things to aspiring teachers over a residency program. In turn, as correlating to the above quotation, a TPP not only prepares aspiring educators to grow in their own career. It additionally assists educators in training the minds of young men and women to go and do great things in the world. Because of this, educators are the very lifeblood of young minds, and must enrich their own careers by indulging in the more aligned traditional pathway.

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