Learning Theories for Post Compulsory Education Essay

Learning Theories for Post Compulsory Education Essay

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Adult educator comes from all walks of life with different views about learning and their learners. Adult educator can improve their methods by examining and reflecting on this belief. This paper will look into my philosophical position on adult education including my beliefs over the last nine years. My beliefs as an adult educator fall within the category of progressive and humanistic adult education which contributes to the values examined.
I will be discussing Learning to learn; how a teacher belief and behaviour can influence the classroom; collaborative learning and opportunities for learning. I will be providing examples of how my own beliefs and assumptions have shaped my practice and why it’s important to recognise that everyone is cable of developing learning to learn regardless of age and background.
As an adult educator my philosophical position is between progressive and humanistic (refer Appendix 1). Over the years my position has shifted due to changing job role. Five years ago my classroom practices were to control my environment with the aim to achieving the learning outcomes. Every lesson involved a typical demonstrate of the skill followed by the students attempt the task through a process of trial and error and finally feedback and reinforcement of the desired behaviour was provided this is what a philosophy outlined in behavioural adult education provide as outlined by Elias & Merriam (1995) in Zinn (1998, p. 70).
Over the last nine years have developed on a professional and personal level and that my stance on adult education is more in line with guiding and facilitating learning; implementing past experience; problem solving and helping adult learners unlock their potential.
Learning to learn is as i...

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