Learning Styles Of The Middle And Upper Class Essay

Learning Styles Of The Middle And Upper Class Essay

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A human being is a combination of the legitimate biological characteristic such as race, skin colour, personality, and cognitive ability of the individual and the state of being. The state of being can be illustrated by the individual’s state of awareness, and an individual’s state of awareness is characterized by his or her identity. Every person has an identity and a culture. At certain points of time, some individual search for their identity in order to understand their existence in life. Identity is built into an individual through the social trials of life that associate family and friends, ethnic background, and cultural consciousness. In order to truly reflect myself in this writing, I would like to first start with where I come from.
I was born in South Korea, where most students and parents strive for one thing in their lives: success. Educational success is extremely competitive in Korea. Students are encouraged to follow the learning styles of the middle and upper class; when students cannot follow or possess the learning attributes of the middle-class institution, they are considered less intelligent. I was not exempted from this cultural capital. Opposed to this strict curriculum, my parents decided to immigrate to Canada. My experience with an educational and social opportunity that came with the migration to Canada helps to illustrate the extent to which many immigrant parent value educational opportunities for their children. Even though I was young to recognize all the great sacrifices that my parents made, I still managed to understand that they had a hard time leaving their families, friends, and workplace for the education of their children. Thus, I studied extra hard to learn the mainstream language as well a...

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...sm enables different beliefs and value systems to co-exist, creating tolerance, diverse society. Every culture and their languages should be respected in order to help students to keep a part of who they are. In Canada and other parts of the Western World, schools are no longer simply academic environments; they are also social sites where identities and power relations are negotiated and renegotiated with language issues featuring very promptly in the process. My teaching philosophy is to help all children reach their full potential without discrimination and equalize educational and social opportunities for all to truly find their own identity. In order to reach this goal, I would need to develop a safe, culturally responsive and inclusive classrooms where all students have the opportunity to share and learn from each other’s perspective, cultures and life stories.

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