Learning Styles and Approaches Essay

Learning Styles and Approaches Essay

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First year students must use strategic or surface learning tools than later on their studies develop deep learning to achieve a better outcome in their university courses. Therefore this essay will be informative on how surface learning for first year students are more effective and efficient in their studies, while they can later on develop deep learning or other more useful learning tools to be successful in the long term for university studies. Consequently using these tools academic success will be excelled. Deep learning and surface learning has it parts/pros and cons but for first year students strategic learning is more efficient because it provides the student. This essay argues that in general academic success can be achieved in both learning approaches of deep and surface learning but this is not evident in all situations for all first year students. Further its argued for first year students to use surface learning as a guide for their first year course work than after develop a better understanding for deep learning to achieve better academic success.
Surface learning should only be used for first year students. Chan (2004) has stated that surface strategies can be used to deepen and develop understanding (p.14). When first year students adopt surface learning they mature their learning skills and enforce on taking on other learning styles. Donnison and Penn Edwards (as cited in Donnison, S. & Penn-Edwards, S. (2012). Focusing on first year assessment: Surface or deep approaches to learning? The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education, 3(2) (p.14) states that surface learning is described as 'cutting corners' or 'sweeping under the carpet' which can therefore …Entwisle and Peterson states that it ...

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...etter academic success in university courses.

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