Essay about Learning Style And Strategies By Neil Fleming

Essay about Learning Style And Strategies By Neil Fleming

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Learning Style and Strategies
Everyone learn something almost every day of their life, it might be learning in you academic, on the job, an additional training or learning to pursuit a hobby or dream, no matter what your learning is for, it is to acquire more new knowledge. The way we approach acquiring this new knowledge by learning is unique to each person based on the individual learning styles. Learning style is explained as different methods or ways a person expand their knowledge by learning new things or materials.
There are many types of learning styles models that has been writing by different people which explain how learner learns something better and faster. The VARK questionnaire by Neil Fleming is one of the many tools that are being used to determine learning styles. The VARK Questionnaire classifies the learners into four categories: Visual strategies, Aural strategies, Reading/writing strategies and kinesthetic strategies. When people used the VARK questionnaire some people will have one learning style while others will have more than one learning styles which is call the multimodal strategies. The Multimodal is when a person can learn with all the different styles in balance. When a person learn in different forms they are involving many part of their brain which help the learner to remember more of what they have learn.
I have always known that I learn better when it is hands-on approach which is the kinesthetic (tactile) learning strategies. After answering the VARK questionnaire, I found out I score higher on kinesthetic and visual strategies. I found out I preferred to learn by visual aids like pictures and graphs which is referred as Visual strategies. Now I know why I have always love to work with tablet,...

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...take a text or teach the material to others. To help me understand what the teacher had thought, I have to create a time to go to the library or labs immediately after the lecture had finished and go through the materials while the information is still fresh in my head.
Knowing that there are different learning styles and every individual learn differently will aid me to know how to apply different techniques when learning or when teaching others. I might not change the way I learn but knowing that everyone has different styles will make me a better learner. With all the technology and learning resources that are available, they will help the student or teacher to convert the teaching or learning materials to their preferred learning styles. It does not matter how you learn a material what that matter is that you understand the material and have learn something.

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