Essay about Learning Style And Learning Styles

Essay about Learning Style And Learning Styles

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Learning style is the way we tend to learn best. It involves our preferred methods and combination of various learning models. There are several learning style models. Assessment is the primary step in the process to determining the characteristics of the learner and identifying learning needs. (Edelman 222)
Each individual Learning styles are different. In the VARK model the learners learning styles depends on how they wish to accept the knowledge. Neil D Fleming developed VARK model in 1987. The VARK acronym for Visual, Auditory, Reading/writing and Kinaesthetic. Visual learners learn through seeing, auditory learn by listening, write/ read learners learn by writing and reading, kinaesthetic learners learn by doing. Multimodal (two or more combinations of the VARK model) is the steadiness of the different learning styles. As per the VARK questionnaire my preferred learning style is kinaesthetic. This is a style people learn by feeling or actually doing. VARK model helps me to understand my style of learning and if I don’t apply it in my studies it is not beneficial for me to knowing my style. The learners get benefit knowing their learning style only when they implement the new style by practising and getting the result.

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My preferred learning strategies are below
• Reading, and highlighting the keywords
• Re reading and remembering the key points
• Identifying main points and create a summary
• Participating in healthier discussions
• Demonstrate by doing
• Evaluate the learning
• Finish the task in stipulated time.

As per the VARK questionnaire my preferred learning is multi model that include auditory and writing/reading. Auditory learning is attending lectures, tutorials, and group discussions. An audit...

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...y focus is to provide adequate education to the patients and their families. When it’s come to health education to the patient’s healthcare providers need to assess each individual patients and families knowledge and understanding about their problems, treatment and outcome. And they need to assess their learning style and preferences in order for patient to learn the new task. nurses can change the teaching style according to the patients learning style and provide effective teaching. when patient perform the task appropriately that means learning and teaching strategies are correct.

All these models are not meant to be the absolute strategy for our learning, students should be able to apply appropriate strategies according to the situations. The learner need to choose the best way they can learn better and try different strategies in order to master the learning.

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