Learning Strategies For Helping People Know And Identify Self And Best Learning Strategy

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Learning is a process that afford the opportunity to increase one’s knowledge. VARK questionnaire aimed at helping people know and identify self and best learning strategies. This questionnaire awards scores based on the responses provided to different questions as it relates to different learning styles. The learning strategies VARK questionnaire focuses on are visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic. Following a section of answered questionnaire, the following scores were obtained; visual 5, aural 4, read/write 4 and kinesthetic 12. Per VARK’s result, strong kinesthetic strategy was identified as the learning preference. This paper focuses on kinesthetic learning strategy and how teaching and learning can be influenced by the knowledge of ones learning styles, preferences and strategies. Kinesthetic learning strategy according to VARK uses past experiences and things that are real as a learn tool. Kinesthetic learners benefit from hands on, practical, examples, applications trips, previous experiences while learning. Also, they learn more from teachers or instructors who use real life experience to teach rather than abstract. Likewise, these set of people would gain more while studying by using case studies to relate to abstract concepts, teaching back to others, also the use of some pictures and drawings that explain the topic. In preparation for an exam, a kinesthetic learner does better creating a picture or scenario of the exam and write practice answer. Personally, the knowledge and awareness of this learning strategy seems relatively new due to previous self-identification as a virtual learner, who tends to learn more by seeing and virtually touching. Memories of situations where only watching some videos or seeing som... ... middle of paper ... ...ing development in curriculum and instruction in a generation. It is the most scientific way we know to individualize instruction". Understanding and knowing ones learning strategy and style is a key factor to learning likewise teaching. Even though VARK questionnaire identified four learning strategies which includes visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic, having the knowledge of these strategies and its effect on learning and teaching is of great importance. Individuals of the same group either age, cultural or socioeconomical group learn differently from each other. To that effect, the issue of becoming conversant with the different learning strategies which will also help in developing various teaching strategies cannot be over emphasized. Learning is a lifelong process therefore; accompanying strategies and styles must be followed to keep the process going.
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