Learning Strategies Are Effective For Students Essay

Learning Strategies Are Effective For Students Essay

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Metacognition often described as the "thinking about thinking"is a decision making process. Metacognition improves learning because it helps students; recognize which learning

strategies are effective and which are not; helps student recognize what their learning and

memory capabilities are.involves many other tasks as :

monitoring, understanding and analyzing the progress. The better a person will be in a

metacognitive skill the higher their learning and the goal they have set to achieve will be

accomplished. Metacognition can help students and others in understanding which

learning strategies are effective for them and which are not (Mc.Cabe,J. 2011). InIn a sources of

studies conducted with undergraduates (Mc.Cabe,J.2011) reported that undergraduates are

unaware of some strategies that could benefit memory for their course information and other

related tasks, has the potential to improve metacognitive skills.

It saves so much time if a person exactly knows that which learning strategies are more effective

and which are not, and this will make studying more successful and less time consuming. If an

individual is aware of their learning and studying capabilities may know that as example they

learn better in a quiet place, and then that person will know that as example ;studying in a

library will be more beneficial than studying in a loud, noisy room. There are many different

types of learning strategies that can help students understand their goals and accomplish it; but

at the other hand there are also some strategies and techniques that are not considered as

effective are the strategies that many high school and college students use is highlighting the


... middle of paper ...

...tudents are aware of how

committed they are to the goals they have set , or how strong they have to be to achieve those

goals , they can regulate their commitment and attention(Marzano,J.1988). Students need to

monitor their application of studying strategies.Metacognition includes goal setting,

monitoring, self-assessments, the most important component in metacognition is to apply

study strategies to reach a goal. When students monitor their learning through metacognition

they become aware of their potential problems.When one 's know all the skills and knowledge

that metacognition provide and use it to connect with one another, studying and learning

becomes more easy and less time consuming. So drawing the conclusion that metacognition

improves learning is a valid reason to use this process, this studying and learning.

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