Learning Something New Can Be A Scary Experience Essay

Learning Something New Can Be A Scary Experience Essay

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Learning something new can be a scary experience. One of the hardest situation I 've ever do was learn how to not do what was expected of me. I was always afraid to go against the tide, but I decided that was an valuable skill that I should learn. I also thought It would be favorable and benefit me to become a stronger person. What I didn 't realize was that learning not to do what was expected of me would also cause me a extra confident person.
I always thought that there were situation that I would I blew off my homework, not lazy, but that school work shallow, too insignificant to me. How could my teachers expect for me to do homework when life around was all . Sure that I was tortured soul destined to lead a life full of angst and pain. That last fall than a year ago. In August of last year I left the military behind, to move to San Antonio my conservative college. Friends and family were somewhat shocked at my response to depart to school after being discharged from the military. They believed I should have moved back home to Lawton, Oklahoma to work at the Goodyear tire pr...

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