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Learning Perspectives


With a healthier understanding of different learning perspectives the teacher will be more effective in the classroom. By studying and implementing the viewpoints of constructivist, humanistic, and behavior techniques will give you a better understanding of teaching. Here is a few of these theories in play.
Learning Perspectives
Behaviorism assumes a leaner is essentially passive, responding to environmental stimuli. Behavior is shaped though positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement. The best way to promote better behavior in the classroom is to take them out of it. Recess is as important as reading, math, and science. This allows the student some free time which we all need.
Constructivism learning is an active, constructive process. The leaner is an information constructor. Learning as experience, activity and dialogical process; Problem Based Learning PBL); Anchored instruction; Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD); cognitive apprenticeship ( scaffolding); inquiry and discovery learning. The role of the teacher is we have to adapt to the role of facilitators. One that encourages people to find their own solutions to problems or tasks. A teacher tells, a facilitator asks; a teacher lectures in front, a teacher gives answers; where a facilitator supports from the back and lets the student arrive with their own conclusions.
Humanism is a paradigm/philosophy/pedagogical approach that believes learning is viewed as a personal act to fulfill one’s potential. This focuses on the human freedom, dignity, and potential. There are many ways that the teacher can put into practice the humanist view towards education.
1. Allow the student to have a choice in the se...

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...sented with the idea of the five basic needs. As the teacher discusses the needs and wants with students, the idea may arise that a want can become a need if it makes a person happy. This is evident in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The five basic needs include physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. Understanding humanism can start with students realizing the deficiency needs which are met by external sources and continue to a more in depth look at the growth need of self actualization, which is said by Maslow to never be completely satisfied.

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