Learning Outcomes For A Lesson Plan Essay

Learning Outcomes For A Lesson Plan Essay

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In teaching, teachers do not just stand at the front of the classroom and teach just for the matter of delivering lesson. An effective teacher will always prepare for their class with an effective lesson plan that will help students increase their learning ability about a certain topic that is about to teach in class. However, there are strategies for an effective lesson plan which include learning outcomes. A Learning Outcomes are goals that describe how a student will be different because of a learning experience. More specifically, learning outcomes are the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of mind that students take with them from a learning experience. In this research paper, I will identify the purpose of using learning outcomes in lesson plan, how to compose a learning outcomes and the negative effects of not using outcomes in lesson plan.
The purpose of using lesson outcomes in a lesson plan
A teacher who is following the instructions of lesson plan steps by steps and using lesson outcomes will have an effective lesson but most importantly is that it evaluates the effectiveness of the teaching and the learning process of the students. According to University of Hawai’i Manoa, developing student learning outcomes “helps students learn more effectively and make clear what students should expect from their educational experience”. For example, it is very important that teachers must show, read out, or write the learning outcomes on the board at beginning of lesson so that student can always refer and look at it to expect what they are going to learn and gain from the lesson. Not only that but, with the help of the teachers and the guiding questions and activities will help the students achieve the lesson outcomes. ...

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...mple, when the lesson is planned without learning outcomes, it is like delivering lesson not teaching students. Students don’t know what they need to learn and teachers don’t know how to assess students whether they understand the concept or not.
In conclusion, creating an effective learning outcomes will enable students to understand what they will learn after the lesson, enable teachers to know what they can do to improve their teaching to help students met the outcomes and become effective teacher, also when there is no learning outcomes the lesson will not be very effective in a way that will help students increase their learning ability. Lesson should be “learner centered planning”, A.I. Richard, Learning to Teach. When the lesson is centered on learner with effective outcomes, the lesson will be effective helping students to learn and achieve academically.

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