Learning Out Of Schools By Yogi Berra Essay

Learning Out Of Schools By Yogi Berra Essay

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Learning out of Schools
Yogi Berra says, "Life is a learning experience, only if you learn" (qtd. in Reid). People continue to say this famous quote in their conversations, and they use it to say that people learn something new every day in their lives. Learning is not only in schools or in universities because life for any person is like a big university and full of good and bad experiences. Individuals learn from both of them. Everyone will learn each day new skills or knowledge, from birth to death. In this time, populace ask themselves what learning is, and how they learn. "We define learning as a process that leads to change, which occurs as a result of experience and increases the potential for improved performance and future learning," states Susan A. Ambrose et al in “How Learning Works: Seven Research-based Principles for Smart Teaching” (3). From first person on the earth to this moment, people learn and discover every day new knowledge, and they will not stop learning. Every day, people hear about many innovations and discoveries around the world. They know that people cannot achieve prosperity without learning and gaining knowledge. Everyone can learn a variety of skills and knowledge without going to school, such as from their friends, from their interests in particular subjects, and from what they watch.
An important method for people to learn outside of school is from their friends because they learn more easily from them than anybody else. Friends are the people who are outside the immediate family home, but they are close. Friendship is very important for adults and children. In “The Importance of Friendship for School-Age Children,” Ferrer and Fugate state that children develop emotionally and morally when they h...

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...w skills and knowledge; however, that largely depends on the person’s preference and the environment around him. All three methods help people learn outside of school such as, learning from our close friends, being attracted to particular topics, and watching others demonstrate. All of these facts will make people think about how they learn, why they learn, the best method of learning, and make their lives better. Any person that people will meet in their daily lives may be a teacher figure if they like to learn. Learning at anywhere and anytime can improve lifestyle and change perspective about others. People face new experiences every day in their lives. They will learn more knowledge to improve their life and their children’s lives, and people will not quit learning. In the same circle of life, their children will continue to finish what their parents have started.

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