Essay on Learning Log Chats

Essay on Learning Log Chats

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To begin, each Friday during group chat my learning log jumps into many directions. I am not sure if I would have thought about these topics by myself but the fact someone else is said something interesting about their findings and I would want to explore if it has any relevant to my topic must be good. This project is very unknowing because no set direction is wrong or right and this process of learning is so different from anything I did before.
First, A few logs ago I looked at what types of people get into relationships with alcoholics the sources I found looked at five reasons its hard to be in an intimate relationship with an alcoholic. The five reason were very much overlap for they talked about how alcoholics build up walls. The second source I looked into was what the person in a relationship should not do. Quick examples do not enable your loved ones drinking, do not make excuse for them, do not blame your self and so forth (you can go back to my previous log if you would like to know more, and again if you want to know what I thought about all this, that’s what my other log constituted of). I want to stick with this topic and this time I worded the question to what type of people marry alcoholics. Some of the data I collected talked about personality disorders and the complexity dynamics of a family living with an alcoholic. To pick up from where I have let off, so far I learned throughout this project a clear framework to the diverse small factors that make a difference in families is starting to be understood by me because easily solutions is not the case. For example, when looking at my last log ways to quit really depends on the person. During group chat we talked how isolated people would need the most help bec...

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...ruth issues and other small details effect the family more then not. Adaptive to an alcoholics’ behaviour becomes a habit for the same routine is dealt with everyday.
Overall when looking at my learning logs I learned what an alcoholic is. Who defines alcoholics, who self infinities as an alcoholic and a I answered a lot more questions now to tie them all together. For my curiosity project next week I want to listen to different songs and show how different message that are reflected in songs and relates to my topic and data found. My overall project is going to involve a note book and just quotes and music titles which involve the data I found. I think this would be a good way to represent my data because overlap and connections throughout my finds can be bundled together in some sort of organized fashion.

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