Learning is your Responsibility: When Students Fail Essay

Learning is your Responsibility: When Students Fail Essay

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People assume that if majority of the class fail then the teacher is to blame and is not teaching the class. Well the student is to blame. If no one is learning there is still teaching. All teachers have various ways of providing information to their learners. Some techniques are more effective then others, but it’s the learner’s priority to take the teachers information and comprehend it into their own better understanding. The student holds the power to choose rather hey want to learn new information from their teacher or not.
A teacher is someone who provides information to another person, varying from different subjects. Teachers have many different teaching styles. If you have a Professor who may only lecture throughout the class period or lecture and put notes or the board, he is still providing you the information to you. Learning is a process of new information added to what we already know or assume about. Preparation is important to learning information. As I once read in an article, if the information they know is inaccurate or they know only little about, then it will ...

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