Learning Insights in Innovation and Enterprise Module Essay

Learning Insights in Innovation and Enterprise Module Essay

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Learning Insights
At the final week of Innovation & Enterprise I EE3031 module, I finally learned the process of conceptualizing and designing a product which involves technology. Leadership, teamwork and communication should be part of education as it not only enhances interpersonal skills but real life skills. In addition, presenting to an audience was key to gaining interest for a new development product.

In the beginning lectures, I had no idea that brainstorming and conceptualizing an idea was part of an elaborate process to generate good product ideas. Great inspiration and a creative idea require deep thinking. I have learned that opportunity identification involves looking into the problems first rather than diving headfirst into the solution. Identifying and analyzing customer’s needs, market size, sustainability and scalability allows easy identification of low and high potential concepts. As stated in the article by Tim Brown (Brown, 2008), human-centric approach of innovation should be part of the design process as it gives insights into the life of an everyday person.

The biggest challenge for me was how to change the perception of customers who have been using existing products on the market. Generating ideas to solve problems should not be restricted to existing products on the market. One of the interesting approaches I learned from opportunity evaluation was to create surveys and conduct interviews to further establish the needs of the general public. For example, in the survey my group created for our new product called I-Band, we were able to receive many positive feedback and ideas for improvements on our product. I learned that a survey which allows users to remain anonymous generates a wider variet...

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... projects. These projects have left me with a deep impression of how the real world situation is going to be like. Hence, I feel fortunate to have taken this module.

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