Essay on Learning How to Write in College

Essay on Learning How to Write in College

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During the first semester course CC1101: Creative Imagination, I learned a lot about writing, as well as other important information one needs to know as a writer. Walking into the class I had some knowledge about writing, but as the classed progressed I started learning more and more about it. For example: revising and editing, ‘writing what you know’, researching, and taking risks with writing.
As a writer, it is important to know how the significance of a draft and revising a piece of work can do wonders in the long run. By that, I mean just like Tessa McWatt said in one of her lectures, “it is better to write 10 drafts rather than just one draft,” because that way it is simple to make it as close to perfect as possible. When writing all those drafts it makes it easier on the person to revise their piece. Mainly because every time one writes another draft, we have to re-read our old ones and fix the errors as well as, add what we believe would make the story better. I was able to learn this particular exercise quite quickly when writing my stories and poems, as it really helped a lot. Particularly when I was revising my CW2, which happened to be my screenplay. When I was receiving feedback by Tim Atkins, I was told to change my piece into a prose and work more on my detail rather than my dialogue. Considering that the assignment I sent in was only me second daft, and I didn’t know how to feel towards changing it into a prose I took what I was given and worked to the best of my abilities. I wrote four drafts for my CW2 and each time I added and changed so many things about it till I felt confident in what I had written. Which is the whole point about drafting and revising and editing.
In week four I remember hearing Tessa wal...

... middle of paper ... do in order to gain confidence in their writing, as making the piece of work a lot more interesting. I learned this while writing all of my pieces of work, because in majority of them I would write about a sensitive topic or use some type of profanity in it. Although many of it is minor profanity, it is still risking writing about a sensitive topic. Specifically in Assignment D, I wrote about a girl who was raped and killed the man who took advantage of her, as well as when she was taken to a detention centre, she killed herself. When I was writing the poem, I didn’t realize how touchy the subject really was, until I printed it out and read it, but I remember thinking to myself, that I had to give it a chance, to see what others say and hopefully it will do well. Which it did, the people who read my poem gave me great feedback, and I was glad to take the chance.

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