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Learning How to Learn
There are four characteristics to Kolb’s learning style. They are divergers, convergers, accommodators and assimilators. Divergers are people whose strength lies in creative and imaginative ability. They excel in the ability to see concrete situations from many sides and to come up with a lot of ideas. Convergers are the opposite of divergers. Convergers use the practical application of ideas. They do best in a situation where there is one correct answer or solution and they can focus on same. Accommodators are good at carrying out plans and experiments. They also involve themselves in new experiences. They are risk takers and do well in situations that require quick decisions and adaptations. Assimilators are the opposite of accommodators. They have the ability to understand and create theories. Their learning style excels in inductive reasoning.
I think that I am a cross between an accommodator and a diverger. I tend to relate more, though, with the accommodator. I tok multiple tests on the web, and I scored high on concrete experience (CE) and active experimentation (AE). I also rated as a tactile or kinesthetic in other tests. These both carry remarkable characteristics that are very common to each other, and to me. I would totally have to agree with the tests, because both styles fit me perfectly.
There are good points and bad points to my learning characteristics. Once I was urethaning a bar, and the customer wanted a thicker finish on top. Instead of researching this, I applied several thick coats of urethane. It did not work. Urethane, when applied to thick, does not harden, but stays soft. I had to explain to the customer, show them the proper application, restrip the whole bar ...

... middle of paper ...

...e problem. It seems to come to me naturally. This benefits me tremendously in all of my lifes endeavors.
While the above characteristics work very well in my line of work, which I have proven, there is also a down side to it. I also match the characteristic which will cause me problems in class, unless I correct it. This is the taking of long tests or essays. I am terrible at this, and always have been. The solution to this problem is to apply another style of learning to this problem. I plan on applying the visual style the next time that I encounter this problem. Now that I know exactly what the problem is, I know that I can come to grips with it and apply the solution. When I follow through on with correcting this defect, it will have a tremendous impact on my life and business. There will be no limit as to the amount of success I will be able to achieve.

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