Learning How to Fear in Popular Media Essay

Learning How to Fear in Popular Media Essay

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Popular media is known for reproducing gender ideologies via lyrics and music video productions. 'P.I.M.P (Remix)' reproduces patriarchal gender ideologies both lyrically and visually. However, the production has incorporated a 'pimping is fun and prestigious' theme that trivializes crime, and does not elicit a fear of crime. This paper will primarily focus on Randol Contreras' article "Damn, Yo-Who's that Girl?" to elaborate on the male dominant gender ideology expressed in this prompt.
The music video begins with 50 Cent in the company of women in lingerie. In addition to the lyrical hook, the theme has been firmly introduced where 50 Cent is the dominant male figure because he is a pimp, while his female company is playing the gender role of emphasized femininity by massaging his muscles as a sign of attending to the man's desires. In the hook, 50 Cent states he does not fit the stereotypical image of a pimp with a Cadillac and perms, but nonetheless he is a pimp. By implementing the Code of the Street theory, one can assume that 50 Cent's uniqueness should earn him more respect in the pimping community because he does not resort to the cliché pimp image in order to be successful (Contreras 467).
In the first verse, the scene is focused on 50 Cent with his hat and cane setting him apart from the typical pimp. Meanwhile, he introduces a character as "shorty" who is a generalization of his female workers and strippers. 'Shorty' is essentially works as a stripper to manipulate her male audience into paying her for her provocative dancing. In this case, 'shorty' plays the role of 'the Girl' except in the context of pimps and their women. Simply put, 'shorty' is using her manipulative skills such as teasing men into paying her, wh...

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...s pimping seem fun, and a way to earn respect.
This paper has analyzed how popular media productions reproduce gender ideologies. Specifically, 'P.I.M.P (Remix)' is a prompt that reproduces male dominant gender ideologies that may not be identified by viewers until it is put into context. This analysis was supplemented by Contrera's article focusing on the "Code of the Street" theory and 'the Girl' concept, to explain how men achieve respect, and prestige through masculinity, and are the dominant gender that use women for their desire in the context of pimping. Lastly, this analysis has explored alternative perspectives that would oppose the message of this prompt.

Works Cited

Contreras, Randol. "Damn, Yo-Who's that Girl?: An Ethnographic Analysis of Masculinity in Drug Robberies." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 38.4 (2008): 465-492. Sage. Web. 1 Feb. 2014.

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