Essay on Learning From Others' Mistakes

Essay on Learning From Others' Mistakes

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Learning from others mistakes
Growing up generally feels like a rollercoaster. The bumps, the laughs, the cries, and most of all the alarming quickness from which I am sent right back from where I started. Life moves quick as a wink, I am always seeking for ideas and reasons to make my life more rewarding and worthwhile. Even though the journey is not easy, I am sure the no one has mastered the task of living a mistake-free life. I find each day too short for all the things I want to do. I learn from my mistakes and from the mistakes of others to make my life better. I have a host of aunts, uncles, cousins-even my parents suffer with numerous things that make their lives imperfect. It is the simple things that seem to get them down. They let fear control; self doubt take over, and they never follow their heart. Seeing my family and peers fail from time to time from drinking, break-ups, and financial set backs only motivates me to want better for myself.
Drinking was the worst of the three that my uncles and older male cousins took heed to. To them drinking was everythi...

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