Learning Essay - Learning And Learning At A Catholic School

Learning Essay - Learning And Learning At A Catholic School

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I remember wearing my favorite pink dress sitting on my desk in our study room each and every single day. It all started when I was in the fourth grade when I was struggling with spellings and reading. I remember just barely passing the first term of the fourth grade. My parents transferred me from the school I attended from grade three to grade one because I was not progressing; I could not read or write. I remember my class was under a very big fig tree and my teacher just volunteered to teach us. All we could learn was vowels and some songs in my native language; it was so disappointing to my parents that I could not read or write until fourth grade. That’s when my parents decided to transfer me to another new school; they found a place for me at a Roman Catholic school. It was a very nice school, the teachers were educated and, instead of learning outside, we were in class rooms. I remember that almost half of my class mates knew how to read. The first term was very challenging to me, sometimes my teacher would pick me to read a paragraph loud in class and all I could do was just stand up and saying nothing. My teacher would then choose another person to read instead of me. It was a very difficult time of my life. One thing I loved was that my English teacher saw some potential in me. She noticed that even though I could not read, I could memorize English poems. I remember my headmaster gave me a gift at the end of the first term of fourth grade when I recited a poem which I had memorized. Though I did not pass, I saw hope and encouragement in the gift.
When my father found out that I did not pass, he decided to take action. One day he called my sister...

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...de. By then I could now read and write. In the 5th grade I started getting good grades because of my sister who was motivating me. I really started to appreciate my father’s encouragement, which brought a big transformation in my life. When I finished primary school I was selected to attend a very good secondary school and I was the only girl to be selected. In secondary school I still kept the spirit of getting good grades and, with my father’s help, I then finished secondary school and started at a college. I had obtained a diploma in business management when I got an opportunity to come and study in United States of America. It was another big transformation because I had to start studying English again and learn the American form of the language, including specific spellings and forms of writing. That notwithstanding, I am, once again, enjoying learning English.

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